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Just One Step

Come with me as I journey to Greece to recover my wanderlust, lost since a bus accident in rural Sri Lanka ten years ago, and prove it is possible for an out-of-shape, middle-aged woman on a budget to experience a remarkable solo travel adventure.

Armed only with a guidebook and my mum’s 1978 travel diary, I discover the trick is taking that single step away from the mass tourism track.

This is more than an armchair travel book.  It is a lighthearted mix of anecdote, memoir, family history and mild misadventure, combined with a fascination for heritage, culture and the volatile landscape (both geographical and emotional) I find in Greece.

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“The notion that our stories may mean something to someone is the reason that writers write. We all hope that our characters and words will encroach on lives, appear unbidden long after the reader has closed our books. Sally’s memoir is a delightful demonstration of how unrelated stories can guide, influence and enrich a new story. To me this meeting of minds and imaginations is what storytelling is all about.”  

Ned Kelly 2018 award-winning author Sulari Gentill

Another Step

My second book-length project chronicles my seven-week solo journey through Turkey.  Want to know more?  Watch this space.

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Sally Smith is the bravest most adventurous traveller I know. She goes to ordinary places and does ordinary things in the most extraordinary way. What is most extraordinary is that she travels on her own but takes all of us with her. I’ve had the fun of being her beta reader and reading her early drafts. Each time, I haven’t been able to put them down. One draft took me 12 hours straight reading with only one forced break for a physio appointment (the physio wasn’t needed as a result of reading her book, but it could have been). Some good books leave you sad that they end. Not Sally’s. Sally’s book leaves me warm and happy and smiley like I’ve just got back to my cosey hotel after an exhilaratingly exhausting day, stepping out of my shoes and contemplating a glass of wine and some Greek home cooking, and wondering where the cat has been all day….
If you’re looking forward to reading her book when it’s finished, like and share her page. She’s posting the most beautiful photos of her travels. It’s not far to go to travel with her. Just One Step.

Feedback on Draft Manuscript

Feedback from a Beta Reader

… as the book unfolds, I am getting to know you more. I am particularly enjoying the parts where you open up about your history (your mum in particular) and seem to be sharing a little about your memories of her and your own pathways in comparison to hers (social change / women’s independence / role changes) using her diary entries as catalysts. I am loving the parts where I can actually smell the aromas of your travel, hear the sounds, experience your fear and pain, see the colours around you and feel the texture of the landscape in my hands, as this is the essence of travel … Your writing makes me want to get to know you better, so it must be good!  … You have obviously put great time, effort and thought into the books and your passion and sense of adventure shine through.

Feedback on Draft Manuscript

Feedback from a Beta Reader

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